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Is your business delivering results online?

Helping ambitious startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers thrive online.

Helping businesses generate more leads from their website

What can Have Creative help with?

You may need some practical help, feedback and advice, however, hiring another senior team member with relevant online experience is out of the question for many business owners. If there’s a decision to be made or a challenge to overcome there’s often no one to talk to and the buck stops with you; this is where I can help.

I have 25+ years’ experience of founding, scaling and running online businesses and can offer an affordable supporting role for entrepreneurs, freelancers and inventors. Help can be provided on a flexible part-time basis, remotely or in person.

I can be available to provide support and advice in various areas such as decision-making, business growth and scaling, sales and business development (increasing online leads, signups, subscriptions and sales), digital marketing, website troubleshooting, website design, copywriting, website management and the development of online strategies. Additionally, I can use my knowledge and experience to provide insights and recommendations. Acting as your right-hand I can be a problem-solver across your business ensuring that your vision and goals are implemented online. Working with someone who has actually founded, scaled and run online businesses could help you meet your growth targets and set you apart from your competitors.

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Why Have Creative?

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Helping tech and non-tech businesses thrive in today’s tech world

Whether you’re a startup or established business, I can provide you with the advice, support, strategies and hands-on help you need to navigate the complex digital world and thrive online.

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Championing independent brands, artisans and creatives

Nowadays there’s a huge consumer demand for independent brands, artisans and creatives who produce exciting, innovative products. Have Creative loves helping these exciting businesses succeed online. 

Part-time, flexible business help

Whether you want help with a one-off challenge, or are looking for ongoing support, I can be flexible to suit your needs, with no long term commitment. Help can be given in person or remotely using Zoom, email, phone or whatever collaboration tool you prefer.

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Highly experienced

I have 25+ years’ experience of founding, scaling and running online businesses. I’ve probably been through whatever it is you and your business are going through now. If you need some help, hire someone who has actually been a founder and has real experience of what it takes to succeed online.

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Have Creative homepage

Solving your challenges

Time is taken to understand your challenge(s), get to know what really matters to you and what’s important to your business. Understanding what makes you tick is key to being able to help. The aim is simple – to help solve whatever challenge you’re facing in the easiest and most cost effective way.

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Expert in website conversions

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) may not sound particularly exciting, but it can generate the biggest return from the smallest investment. If your website isn’t converting enough of its traffic to sales, you need to find out why, and fast.

Helping tech businesses generate more clients

Many tech businesses are selling a product/service that is aimed as ‘non-tech’ businesses. It’s essential to ensure that the offering ‘speaks the language of’ and is easily understood by, the target market. 

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Experienced in teaming up with other businesses who are leaders in their field, and who can offer expertise to complement my own.

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Who do I work with?

I work with startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. I typically work with people who are ambitious and keen to improve and grow their business. I only take on projects I’m passionate about.

Non-tech businesses

The meaning of ‘non-tech’ is open to interpretation, but for me it means businesses whose products/services are not digital, but who sell and market themselves online (or want to). Examples include, indie brands; food and drink; ecology, environmental and sustainability; creatives, artists, makers, artisans; freelancers; charities; outdoors products; coffeeshops and restaurants; dog food/products; therapists, wellbeing … you get the idea.

Tech businesses

In today’s crowded and fast paced market, tech businesses need to ensure their products/services are marketed and sold in a manner that speaks to, and engages with, their target market in a clear, compelling way. All too often I come across a really useful tech service that isn’t selling simply because it’s not promoted in a way that fulfils the wants and needs of their target market. Instead, it’s wrapped up in extremely clever sounding jargon that may sound impressive, but does little to generate sales. Don’t fall for the trap.


The latest statistics are shocking – apparently around 80-90% of startups fail. Whilst that may not sound terribly encouraging, you need to acknowledge it and then do everything you can to ensure you’re not one of the casualties.

Small businesses and scale-ups

Working with someone who has actually founded, scaled and run online businesses could help you meet your growth targets and set you apart from your competitors. I can help you develop a killer strategy and growth plan to boost online sales and increase customer acquisition.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Working by yourself can be lonely at times. If sales are struggling, or you have some other business challenge to overcome, there is often no one to talk to and the buck stops with you. Don’t have sleepless nights – try contacting Have Creative instead.


You won’t find any Bronze, Silver, Gold packages here – they just don’t work for my services. Virtually all businesses are unique, business owners are unique, challenges vary and every business has different goals, plans and aspirations.

Therefore, rather than shoehorn you into a pre-packaged service, I charge a straightforward hourly fee of £45/hr (min booking, 2 hours).

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