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We offer a unique range of services that bridge the gap between beautiful design and online business success.


Whether you want a brand spanking new website, or a refresh of your existing site, we will delight you with our jargon-free discussions, our clear proposal and of course, our beautiful designs. Everything from simple one-page portfolios through to interactive ecommerce stores can be designed.

We typically recommend an all-in-one solution that will deliver the perfect balance of stunning design and functionality – whist handling all that back-end stuff you really don’t want to be bothered with, such as hosting, maintenance, software updates and security. Once done, you’ll get an login for simple updates (or we can even handle updates for you too).


There’s nothing worse than a website that’s out of date, unloved and rarely updated. However, we understand you’re busy and perhaps don’t have the time to update your website regularly. That’s where we come in.

We can help with website copy changes, blog post writing, ecommerce shop updates (including things like product descriptions, navigation, etc) and design tweaks/additions. We can also handle your website’s health and maintenance, including software updates and security checks.

Don’t have a stale, lifeless website – use Have Creative’s website management services.


This is a ‘must have’ service for businesses whose website is not delivering the desired results – it gets to the core of the problem(s) and provides solutions, fast.

How? We perform an in-depth appraisal of your website and provide you with our findings. We will suggest straightforward changes that will help increase sales, subscriptions and signups; help troubleshoot problems; highlight areas that need attention and improvement; and improve your user experience and customer journey. In some cases, we can even help implement the changes.

Is your website delivering? If not, you need to find out why – fast.


Make no mistake, your website copy and tone of voice play a crucial part in your success. Bad website copy hurts your business, a lot. It can leave your customers unsure about what you actually do; convey a tone of voice and personality that doesn’t actually match you or your products/services; and make it impossible for you to rank well with search engines. The result – you guessed it – poor sales.

Professionally written copy will bring your website to life. It will help your search engine rankings and bring in website visitors. It will clearly and succinctly explain what you’re all about – and the tone of voice used will convey your brand image beautifully. It will effortlessly tell site visitors what you do/sell. It will help engage users, creating meaningful relationships between you and the site visitors. It will ultimately help convert website visitors to paying customers.


If your business’s core products/services sit outside the tech space, yet your main sales channel is your website, things can be tough. You simply may not have the expertise, time nor interest to know how to bring in targeted website traffic, perfect user experience and maximise website conversions/sales – after all, you’re busy running the rest of the business and doing what you’re good at. If there’s a decision to be made or a challenge to overcome there’s often no one to talk to and the buck stops with you. You may need some help, feedback and advice, but having another senior team member with relevant online experience is out of the question for many business owners.

This is where we can help. Have Creative offers a supporting role for startups, small businesses and freelancers and specialises in helping ‘non-tech’ businesses thrive online.

Help can be provided on a flexible part-time basis, remotely or in person.